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Celtic Fusion Design - Where Mythical Meets Modern

Happy International Women's Day everyone!!

I thought to celebrate this day, as well as all things Irish in the month of March, I would share a bit about the brand, as well as the full photoset, and my experience modeling for Celtic Fusion Design on my travels through Ireland back in October 2022.

Celtic Fusion Design is a woman-owned business, founded by Regina Tierney, & is based in the land of mist & magic - Ireland. When I think of Celtic Fusion Design as a brand, I think of wandering ancient Irish castle ruins crawling with moss, as ravens circle overhead. The air is heavy with magic as the whispers of myth and folklore are exchanged between the timeworn standing stones. The clothing feels modern, yet primal... ancient, yet incredibly wearable here in the present day. This is extremely apparent in the designs of their clothing. You can almost smell the peat moss & hear the gulls cry over the misty sea cliffs when you wear their garments. The clothing is designed to tell a story of Ireland & its culture. They use ancient Celtic symbolism & Viking imagery to enhance the designs to celebrate the country & their ancestors. The clothing leans towards an alternative/folklore style by incorporating quality, natural materials like tweed, linens, and cotton as well as embellishments that celebrate Celtic culture & nature.

In my late adolescent period of the 2010s, back in the heydays of Tumblr, on any given day you could find me scrolling through my Tumblr feed & re-blogging many of the same themes that surround the content I now create today (if you're curious what my Tumblr looks like, I'll satisfy your curiosity & include the link to it here: Wispglow Grove). All that to say, in my adventures on Tumblr, I came across Celtic Fusion Designs work & have been a fan ever since. I had dreamed that one day, I would be able to meet Regina, wear her magnificent clothing creations, & model for her myself.

Fast forward to June of 2022, shortly after I booked my Ireland trip, Regina, the owner & designer at Celtic Fusion Designs, coincidentally reached out to work together! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the message & I'm quite sure I had a moment where my heart skipped a beat. Of course, I eagerly said "yes!" & informed her that I would be coming to Ireland in October. So, after some logistical conversation, our plans for the photoshoot were set & 2011 me was left shedding some happy tears!

For these magical photos, we met up with the team which consisted of:

Our location for these photos was the stirring & dramatic Dunguaire Castle (which I learned is the most photographed castle in Ireland), located in Kinvara, Ireland which is south of Galway. Its facade is imposing and mysterious, yet it has an indescribable charm that pulls you closer. I'm sure its walls hold so much history and many stories. The last time I had been there was for photos in my wedding dress on my honeymoon, and I never would've thought that the next time I would be returning there would be almost 4 years later for more photos! The evening was moody & mystical with a few spritzes of rain but when the rain clouds lessened, we were left with the dreamiest sunset you can imagine. We frolicked up & down the causeway with the castle standing as a silent guardian in the distance. As the sun sank lower in the sky, the high tide rolled in sending us scurrying for higher ground to finish off the second looks. We finished off the photosets in cozy shawls & capes, played a bit of Irish tin whistle, & danced in the glow of the setting sun. After all of our hard work, we all set out to the local pub for some warm food, a few drinks, & some great conversation with new Irish & Italian friends. It was an experience I will never forget!

I have the full set of photos over on my Patreon, Mistgleam Keep, as well as a more in-depth bonus story about a farmer, a flat tire, & an Irish granny as well as of all the chaos that occurred just trying to make it to this Celtic Fusion Design photoshoot in time! So follow the link & help support me as a creator in whatever way you can (follow me on: Instagram, YouTube, & TikTok)

Gallery of Images

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