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the fox & the ivy 

telling tales of the magic sought both around us & within us

Nature Background

hello dear wanderer, I am so glad you're here

If you have found your way here, you are likely a kindred spirit,

One who finds enchantment in both the ordinary & extraordinary.

Someone who gazes dreamily at the way sunbeams filter through the trees of an ancient forest,

And who understands that magic knows no bounds & touches all things.

If your mind often conjures up untold tales from far off lands,

 And your dreams are spent roaming the wild & mystical places of this realm & the next:

the foggy forests & sacred groves, the misty sea cliffs & crumbling ruins, the thin places that are beyond the veil.

Then this place is for you. 

My dear dreamers, between our reality & imaginings, is this space

This space is the hollow in the forest where solitude is found,

A place where we embrace our longing for the unknown 

But where we acknowledge that enchantment can also live in the here & now

So let us wander the wilds of our own hearts, 

Let us dream of distant shores & undiscovered realms,

Let us create stories & foster our imaginations,

But let us also remember, that the magic we seek is not just out there, but within us.

Current inspirations

LISTEN Liam Ó Maonlaí is a séan nos singer who values the art of traditional music all over the globe. In his native Ireland he is know for his powerful séan nos singing. He has said: "séan nos carries a sense of the soul of the land and the people who are awake in that land. I feel, when in the company of other cultures, the singing of this style opens a window into what it is that connects us. Every country has it's own séan nos.''

FASHION Dark Nautical centers around a more simple & harmonized life like cottagecore. Although, it is distinct from cottagecore as its focus on the sea aspect of nature rather than the forest or meadows. The aesthetic is also characterized by a healthy dose of melancholy & it involves being both aware of the vast ocean: what it is capable of, and what lies below, as well as being isolated for long periods of time. It also has an awareness of the danger involved with the sea.

READ Told largely in her own voice, Nan was an Irish Travelling woman, one of Ireland's indigenous "tinkers." who traveled the countryside making and repairing tinware, sweeping chimneys, selling small household wares, and doing odd-job work. Today, they live on the roadside in trailers and in government-built camps. it follows her life in Ireland and England through adversity & adventure.

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