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Lens of Light 
weaving mystical visual tales together

If you've made it here, chances are that you are a fellow storyteller, adventurer, and dreamer. Across misty moors, through crumbling castle ruins, at the edges of cliffs, & in enchanted forests, by grassy meadows, & beside the vast ocean, together we'll traverse the ancient landscapes & wilds to tell the story that lies within your heart. In the dance of light and shadow, amidst the rushing of the winds & majestic mountains, comes the magic of photography & visual storytelling, with you as it's protagonist, the torchbearer. 

This journey is not one that you must brave alone. I am here, fellow teller of tales, to support, inspire, & accompany you along the way to help understand your vision, share your triumphs,  capture you in the moments and places that resonate with your very being, & chronicle the story you want to tell. Let this photography journey be the lantern that illuminates the corners of your soul & lets it shine. 


While I'm based on the East Coast of the USA (Pennsylvania) I often travel for creative projects & photography! Check below to see where I'm headed next:

  • April - May: Ireland

  • May - June: UK + Ireland

Don't see your location here or do you have a certain location in mind?! Feel free to reach out so we can discuss how to make it happen!

previous travel shoots

EL9A8081 (1).jpg

Crom Castle

Castle shoot at Crom Castle, Northern Ireland with Jodie

Meath, Ireland

Celtic Goddess shoot with Áine in Ireland's ancient County Meath 

Lake District, England

Hoad Head in the Lake Distrct of England - Rococo Bo Peep inspired shoot with Liza 

Glencoe, Scotland

Jacobite Highlander Shoot with Stephen

Click here to view the gallery & browse more portrait sessions!

Personal Branding Sessions

Have you been stuck with boring brand photos that feel stale & don't truly capture quite what you were hoping? Or are you a new business looking for unique & empowering images to promote your small business? Well hopefully, I can help! I provide portraits that capture your inner light & that showcase your passions & personality. I want to show that your brand is a reflection of who you are, what you stand for, & the magic that sets you apart from the rest. I aim to delve deep into the heart of your brand story to uncover your captivating story & share it's essence through visual narratives. 


Sheep Hill Herbs

Jenel S. 

Central PA, USA

Sept 2023


Autumn Hallows

Jackie Gallo

Massachusetts, USA

Oct 2023


Broadside Visuals Photography

Lucas & Libby Vandergriff

Central PA, USA

Nov 2023


what are your photoshoots like?

If you're ready to embark on a photography adventure that is as unique and enchanting as you are, I invite you to join me for a photoshoot experience unlike any other. Together, let's create memories that will last a lifetime and images that will take your breath away.

From chats and Zoom calls, where we delve into the depths of your imagination to bring forth the essence of your desired narrative to mood boards, where we'll gather inspiration from across realms to paint a vivid picture of the story we are about to tell, to the day of the shoot where you'll find me by your side, a steadfast ally in this wondrous journey.

Together, we'll bring your vision to life, exploring different poses, angles, and expressions to unearth the magic within. I'll reveal glimpses of the enchantment we're creating, showing you images along the way to keep the momentum alive.

But this isn't just a photoshoot—it's an experience, a celebration of creativity and collaboration. We'll laugh, we'll play, and we'll embrace the joy of storytelling, infusing every moment with a sense of magic.


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