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Sometimes the journey through photography can seem overwhelming & terribly lonely, between camera technology/lingo, editing software, extra gear, conceptual elements & more, it can leave someone burnt out & bewildered! There is so much to learn when it comes to photography, but you certainly don't have to navigate the pathways alone. 

To feel more confident with traversing through the photography realm, I offer both classes and mentorships to help you through the process, with metaphorical lantern in hand, I will act as your own personal guide to illuminate the way through the dark forests of the unknown. Whatever skill level, I am determined to provide you support & help you learn, grow, & flourish in your craft



In my mentorship program, my goal for your experience is to have the education be completely tailored to your unique vision & aspirations as a photographer. Through a series of phone calls, instant messages, emails, etc, we'll discover what it is you are most keen on learning & delve into your desired course content subject matter in detail. From there, I will carefully craft each course based solely around our discussions so that they pinpoint your desired focus areas.


Whether you dream of mastering the art of self-portrait photography, delving into the mysteries of landscape photography,  or unlocking the secrets of post-processing magic, I am here to accompany you along the way. Through personalized one-on-one sessions, tailored lessons/courses, & individualized feedback, I will work closely with you to nurture your talents & empower you to reach your full potential as a photographer

These services can be offered online or in person & begin at $100

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Unlike the mentorships, my goal for these photography courses is to provide a structured, yet immersive introduction to the foundational principles of photography. We all learn things differently & we each have a unique perspective on the world, so my approach to these courses will merely be to have you look through my eyes & take you along with me through the curated curriculum without too much technical lingo or unnecessary jargon.


During these courses, you will be introduced to various topics ranging from basic camera function & operation to composition & editing, posing & wardrobe, and much more. From beginner level courses to more advanced concepts, my hope is to offer a comprehensive foundation to build your photographic journey at any skill level.


If you're just starting on your photography journey, take each course sequentially, or if you like, you can pick & choose the courses that pertain to your own personal interest/learning need.

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