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 Transport your photos to the enchanting landscapes of Italy with my 'Italian Renaissance' Lightroom Editing Preset Pack! 🎨✨

Inspired by Italian Renaissance paintings and dreamy Italian landscapes, this preset pack includes 5 unique editing options to help you quickly improve any image you choose! While the pack is designed for the Lightroom Mobile App, but this can also be downloaded & imported into your laptop/desktop Lightroom program!

With vibrant hues, dreamy tones, & a touch of magic this preset pack is a nice mix of bright & dreamy editing as well as more dark & moody to fit both styles of editing. These presets were originally designed for scenery/landscape photography but can also, of course, be used for portrait photography as well!

The Italian Renaissance Preset Pack includes:

1) Florence 🌅: Immerse your images in the warm, golden glow of Florence sunsets. This preset bring out the rich, earthy tones that echo the rolling hills and vineyards of the Italian countryside.
2) Medici 🏰: Channel the timeless beauty of the Italian Renaissance elegance, this preset adds a touch of sophistication and classical Italian charm.
3) Venice 🌊 : Transport yourself to the mesmerizing & magical canals of Venice. This preset transforms your photos to reflect the azure hues of the Grand Canal and the vibrant energy of this coastal city, creating a visual symphony that emulates the beauty of the Mediterranean.
4) Rome 🍝: Whether strolling through romantic alleyways or capturing moments in front of historical landmarks, this preset add a touch of timeless "rome"- ance 😉 to your images. Create a visual love letter to the eternal allure of Rome.
5) Volterra 🏛: Infuse your images with the hues of Volterra's medieval architecture, ancient ruins, & the Etruscan charm that surrounds Volterra. This preset highlights the details that make this medieval town a treasure trove of visual inspiration.

Embark on a creative adventure and bring the essence of Italy to your photography! 

*** Please keep in mind that all of these presets are a starting point, but due to the nature of the varying factors (lighting, time of day, exposure, white balance, etc.) of each & every photo, you will want to make your own adjustments after the preset is applied to get your photo looking exactly how you want it! Also keep in mind that the images in the listing photos have also been further edited by myself using different techniques within Lightroom***

To use with mobile or desktop:

1. Download the Lightroom app/ Lightroom Program
2. Open your purchase email
3. Unzip the preset pack folder

4. Click the links to Download (if it doesn't work in Safari, try in Chrome!)
5. Open the DNG files to photos or files (in photos it will appear as grey)
6. Select all the files and open in Lightroom (the DNG photo file will open in Lightroom)
6. Click the upper right corner > Create Preset, name it, and save it!
7. You will find your new Italian Renaissance Preset Pack > User Presets under the name you gave it.

Italian Renaissance Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom (Mobile & Desktop)